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Airport Visa


Polish and Lithuanian nationals holding ordinary passports, except those whose applications for visa have been declined, may refer to the Passport and Visas Offices of Foreign Affairs Ministery at Intenational Airports of I.R. of Iran including IKIA, Kish, Qeshm, Boushehr, Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashhad and Chahbahar in person to apply for 30-day tourist/pilgrime visa.

Airport visa fee for holders of Polish and Lithuanian passports is 75 euro.


Airport Visa is issued with the following conditions:


1. Tourist/ Pilgrime Visas applicants have no permit to work or study in Islamic Republic of Iran.

2. Airport visa is not applicable to applicants enjoying Diplomatic/Service passports and journalists/ reporters. These applicants MUST apply for visa through I.R.of Irans Embassies abroad

3. Aplicants passport should be valid at least for next 6 months.

4. Airport visa fees for each applicant is EUR 50.00 and for every companion EUR 10.00.

5. Travel Insurance Certificate shall be issued at the International Airports in Iran



Applicants who do not meet the mentioned criteria are responsible for all costs and consequences in terms of being declined.



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