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Economic Relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Poland

Trade has been taking place between the two countries for a very long time, dating back even before diplomatic relations were established five centuries ago. Iranian merchants and trading caravans following the trails to Western Europe maintained contact and exchanged goods with Polish merchants too. In later times, When Poland regained her independence after the First World War, diplomatic relations were renewed, and this was followed by a restoration of economic contact between the two countries.

The first trade agreement between the two countries was signed in October 1952. Over the course of more than half a century, economic relations and trade between the countries continued to various degrees and reached their peak during the period when Poland bought oil from Iran. Oil was first exported from Iran to Poland in 1973 with the sale of 305,000 tonnes of oil worth 13 million dollars. This trade had its zenith during 1991-1992, when it reached a value of around 500 million dollars a year. Oil exports ceased in 1998. The total amount of trade between the two countries in 2010 and 2011 stood at 200 million dollars.

Main categories of goods exported by the Islamic Republic of Iran to Poland

Fruit, dried fruits (mainly pistachios and dried grapes) dates, plastics and plastic products, iron and steel, rugs and fitted carpets, tea, natural edible intestines, essences and foodstuffs, marble, various ceramic products, alloy steel, combustion engines for tractors, certain vehicle parts.

Main categories of goods imported by the Islamic Republic of Iran from Poland

Machinery and appliances, means of transport (excluding railways and trams), food, electrical and electronic appliances, glass and crystals, furniture, lighting systems, plastics and plastic products, photographic, optical and medical equipment, iron and steel, essential oils, rubber products, personal hygiene and cosmetic substances, veal, car parts, agricultural equipment (inc. combine harvesters).

Major contracts signed in recent years

Road Transport Agreement December 1976

Mutual Support and Protection of Investment Agreement of 1998

Double Tax Avoidance Agreement of 2 October 1998 and the amendment to the Double Tax Avoidance Agreement signed by the parties on 15 December 2004, which came into force following their ratification by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Iranian parliament) in November 2006.

Air Transport Agreement, signed in October 1999 r., which came into force following its ratification by the Islamic Consultative Assembly (the Iranian parliament) and approval by the Guardian Council of the Constitution in August 2003.

Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of Environmental Protection, signed during the visit by the Polish Environment Minister to Teheran in November 2002, which was followed by the signing of a memorandum concerning implementation of the provisions of the aforementioned Agreement during a visit by the then head of the Iranian Environmental Protection Agency Ms Masumeh Ebtekar to Warsaw in the summer of 2003.



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