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Political Relations

Between The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Lithuania

 According to historical documents, Iran and Lithuania began non-official relations in the 16th century at the time of the Polish-Lithuanian Union. Diplomatic relations between the two countries, however, began in 1930 after both countries signed a friendship agreement.


 New diplomatic relations were established between Iran and Lithuania after the latter declared independence in 11 March 1990. The Islamic Republic of Iran recognized Lithuanian independence in 10 September 1991. Later in November, deputy foreign ministers of the two countries issued a joint statement based on which diplomatic relations resumed. Irans ambassador to Warsaw was also accredited to Vilnius. In return, Lithuania accredited its ambassador in Turkey to Tehran in 2005.


 At the present time, H.E Mr. Samad Ali Lakizadeh, ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Poland, has been accredited to Lithuania in order to forge bilateral political, cultural and economic relations with Vilnius.



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